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Project 1: Object Experience Video

We produce an audiovisual interpretation of the interaction process of the results of the previous course "Object Experiences".   Based on the specific functions of the selected object and the associated interactions, we create an audiovisual experience.

Schedule / Organization

Choose an "Object Experience" (according to the results of the previous workshop)

!! At this point: only think about the interaction with the object and communication between object and user(s). Neglect storytelling and the visual part of the next step for now. !!

Produce a short video (approx. 30 - 45 seconds)


The focus in the visual implementation lies in a narrative form, which conveys the experience atmospherically and experimentally. Basic knowledge in storytelling and video production is learned and applied. This includes the following skills and methods:


The soundtrack is not primarily intended for emotionalisation, but generates material presence and should be used as an information channel.  
Invisible functionality should also be communicated via sound design and made comprehensible.

Do not use spoken word or music.  


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