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Project 2: The First Encounter

In the second project we focus more on experimentation and exploration of the tools and techniques you have learned in this course. You can decide for yourself how the experience should feel. The visual and auditory style can be abstract or concrete, familiar or alien. The brief storyline gives you some constraints but also a lot of room to be creative. Use video and sound to discover forms of interaction and communication. 


She wakes up from a dream and finds herself in a place she has never been before. 

Everything looks familiar but something is different. 

She starts to explore, and realizes that part of her surrounding seems to be artificial and purposely built to be some kind of interface.

She examines further,  [touches] / [pushes] / [talks to] / [...] the [objects] / [walls] / [plants] surrounding her.

There seems to be some kind of intelligence that is capable of communicating. 

She starts investigating and tries to find out how the communication works. 

→ can also be a "he"


The final films will be presented in a dark space, on an (old) CRT display like the ones often used in art exhibitions and with two rather powerful stereo active speakers. Take this into consideration when producing your films. The film is intended to primarily work in this setting not on a smartphone or a computer screen. Think about how the perception and the experience of your work changes through this specific setup and plan your work accordingly. 

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Storyboard Example: