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BA Thesis Concept Seminar

BA concept seminar structure:


Dr Joëlle Bitton
Dr Björn Franke
Dr Antonio Scarponi
Office hours by appointment

(1) Overview and Objectives

Students will develop a conceptual and practical exploration for their final BA thesis and present the experience they aim to create in the form of a 5-page essay, a blog documenting the 2-weeks progress and a prototype.

The concept seminar addresses notions in preparation for their final thesis work:

- what does it mean to make a statement, a contribution
- how to expand a thesis disposition towards a process of idea generation, translation and execution

Several exercices will allow to test out the scale of the thesis.

(2) Course Outline

The 2 weeks are divided into two parts: an investigative week with quick exercises and iterations, and a second week with more independent work where students can advance their prototypes, engage in field study and test out some ideas.

See below for a detailed calendar.

(3) Expectations and Grading

Grades will be based on class participation, documentation (journal), essay and final work. 
Contributing to constructive group feedback is an essential aspect of class participation. 
Regular attendance is required. Two or more unexcused absences will affect the final grade. Arriving late on more than one occasion will also affect the grade.

Essay 40% 

Prototype 30% 

Journal Documentation 20% 

Class participation 10% 

Any assignment that remains unfulfilled receives a failing grade.  

(5) Deliverables

The essay is a 5-page essay with a diversity of sources and bibliography (classified by genre: book, book chapter, journal article, conference article, academic thesis, newspaper article, web article, etc). 

The essay expands the thesis disposition with observations and conclusions drawn from the two weeks BA concept seminar.

The prototype is the manifestation of your ideas into a service, a product, a method, a user's experience, etc.

A separate 'Journal' is developed by each student that reflects on learnings from the seminar. It should be in the form of an online blog (ie. WordPress, Tumblr or other):


Week 1Monday 8.1Tuesday 9.1Wednesday 10.1Thursday 11.1Friday 12.1 
9.30 - 12.30

Brief Introduction about the module

Quick Round: Presentation of Intents / Ideas

Exercise 1: 20 ways of description

Exercise 2: 10 ways of investigation

Exercise 3: 10 ways of manifestation

Individual DiscussionsAd-hoc lecturers presentations based on student projects
13.30 - 17.00

Follow-up: Pick 2-3 and develop

Follow-up: Pick 2-3 and developFollow-up: Pick 2-3 and developIndividual DiscussionsExercise 4: Situate
Week 2Monday 15.1Tuesday 16.1Wednesday 17.1Thursday 18.1Friday 19.1
9.30 - 12.30
Mid-Presentation: where are you now? what is your road map?

Field / Practice Study

Field / Practice Study

Field / Practice Study

Final Presentations: progress and 'pretotype'

13.30 - 17.00
Field / Practice Study

Field / Practice Study

Mentoring (on request)Field / Practice Study17.00 5-page essay deliveries


Gabriel Bach

Alexander Blaschek

Severin Candrian

Adonis Bou Chakra

Nadine Cocina

Andreas Dobler

Lara Hänny

Colin Lüönd

Fernando Obieta and Claudio Rainolter

Mariana Pote 

Nadine Prigann

Kyra Richner

Fabrice Spahn

Ramona Sprenger

Jonatan Wetter