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Free Flow Seminar

An informal setting for collective conversation and reflection between mentors and students.
Note: wear good comfortable shoes, check the weather in case of rain and bring rain/waterproof clothing, a lunch bag (we may stop at places for lunch)
21 Sept (10.00-15.00) 'Urban Walk'
- 10 Oct (10.00-16.00) 'Nature Walk/Teaching exchange’. 
- 22 Nov (9.00-12.00) 'Train Ride’. 
- 18 Dec (10.00-16.00) 'Time travel’. 

21 Sept (10.00-15.00) 'Urban Walk'

Along Badenerstrasse
10 Oct (10.00-16.00) 'Nature Walk/Teaching exchange’. 
Zürichberg Wald
22 Nov (9.00-12.00) 'Train Ride
Zürich to Romanshorn to Zürich
18 Dec (10.00-16.00) 'Time travel’. 


(Possibly this might include also Films, Songs, Links, Videos, that refers to the topic)


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