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Basic GUI FS16 Tech

This course is about building a basic understanding of graphical user interfaces and a basic expertise in building such interfaces with web technologies.

In several inputs, we will look into the history of the Internet, basic concepts, languages and frameworks for building web interfaces.


Right from the start we will begin with building ourselves a new web portfolio.

Here is some inspiration:


1. The Web (8.4)


  1. Install the Atom Code Editor.
  2. Start with writing some HTML for your Portfolio.
  3. Start with writing some CSS to style your Portfolio.

2. Advanced Layouts (15.4)


Create a list of your projects with titles, images and descriptions.

3. Basic Logic (29.4)


Create a Calculator with jQuery.

4. Graphical User Interface Elements (13.5, 20.5)


Start working on your personal GUI Catalog.

5. Deployment & Testing (27.5)