Interaction Design WikiStudent Handbook

Opportunities on campus and at IAD

Students take part in IAD beyond their studies.
There are many opportunities to help with.

Participation and help for school events

Infotag (November) - two students from 3rd and 5th semesters present IAD to interested candidates during the staged design department event,
and other students present more specific projects during the IAD specific presentation 

Hackaton (Various dates)

World IA Day (February)

UX camp (May)

BA thesis exhibition (June) - 2nd and 4th semesters help the final year with preparing the exhibition space. In addition, some students are hired for various events related to the exhibition.

Other events may take place during the year.


There are paid positions for tutoring design students, on need basis.
If you are interested in giving support on a particular skill (usually programming, web-dev related, electronics, software..), let Marcial know (


There is possible regular access to mentoring for video & sound & other skills with teachers. Not only for ongoing classes, but also for outside the course. Please make a direct request at the teacher or ask Marcial ( for help.

Campus points

Students can work in a variety of workshops, and projects that IAD takes part in, usually during the semester breaks (February and Summer) or as side projects during studies.
For these involvements, students get campus points.
In the BSO (Besondere Studienordnung für den Studiengang Bachelor of Arts in Design der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) § 17.1,2 it is stated:, study services from other modules or Campus Points can be counted instead of one or more compulsory or elective modules, if they are comparable in content and learning objectives and have been approved by the course management. A maximum of 6 ECTS points can be counted.

§ 17. Studienleistungen aus anderen Modulen oder CampusPunkte können anstelle eines oder mehrerer Pflicht- oder WahlpflichtModule angerechnet werden, wenn sie in Inhalt und Lernzielen vergleichbar sind und von der Studiengangsleitung anerkannt wurden.

§ 17.2 Es können insgesamt höchstens 6 ECTS-Punkte angerechnet werden.