Interaction Design WikiStudent Handbook


For Interaction By Interaction
An event series by our Interaction Design students which brings together students, alumni and business agents.

Two students (traditionally from the 3rd/4th semester) are responsible during one year to invite guests.
They get an initial budget help for drinks/snacks (100 CHF) and sustain other events with asking for a small public participation.


Basically, it's up to the students which formats they choose for communicating the event to the public. At least, they should send out one (or better two) e-mails to inform the ZHdK members and the ones who subscribed for the FIBI newsletter. Please also ask the IAD team for spreading the word via IAD's Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn channels. Next to the FIBI website, which bundles all the past events and the FIBI manifesto, there is the possibility to have an online event flyer. Check these two examples for inspiration: Goldback Interactive and iArt. In the past, there were also A0 posters hanging in the corridors of Toni-Areal. This could be a cool opportunity to improve your graphic design skills.

Please ask the last year's responsible students for the repository access.

Also, make sure to take pictures during the event so you're able to feed the FIBI website with inspiring content. A good example is the FIBI event with the guys from Projektil as guests. Check it out here.