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Visa for foreign students

You can find the checklist for foreign students with visa requirements here.

For students from countries requiring a visa a consular application (Konsulargesuch) is necessary. The students have to go in person to the Swiss consulate responsible for their place of residence and apply for a student visa.

Important notes to the procedure

Before arrival in Switzerland

- As soon as the student has received the confirmation from the ZHdK and he/she wants to accept the place of study, the student must immediately apply for the student visa. The entire processing time is around 3 months. It is not possible to enter Switzerland without a visa.
- A tourist visa can not be applied for at the same time as applying for a student visa.
- The visa is only valid for the canton of Zurich.
- The consulates or embassies have the option of demanding further documents, which are not listed here.
- Students must go early to find a flat. Please note our documentation "Living in Zurich and Winterthur" under Housing:

After arrival in Switzerland

- Within 7 days after arriving in Switzerland and before the beginning of the semester, the student has to register at his/her place of residence in Switzerland. This has to be done at the so-called "Kreisbüro" (city of Zurich) or the "Einwohnerkontrolle" (see following address list).
- As a rule, the Kreisbüro requires a proof of residence in Switzerland (for example, a rental agreement).
- The residence permit is usually issued for a period of one year, but may be extended.
- Contact person for questions: Tanja Demarchi,, Tel. +41 43 446 21 69