Interaction Design WikiStudent Handbook

Campus Card and Other Affairs

The ZHdK Campus Card is a multifunctional identity card. Fitted with an integrated chip, it can be used as a contactless credit card across campus. It also serves as Student ID, access badge, library card, and as a means of cashless payment (university restaurant and other services). It also enables students to access the ASVZ sports facilities and sessions. Cards must be revalidated every semester by printing the validity date onto the card at one of the designated chargers (validation stations). Cards can be validated only if students have paid their fees for the current semester. We recommend validating the Campus Card at the beginning of September (for the autumn semester) and at the beginning of February (for the spring semester).


Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) has an agreement with the ASVZ (Academic Sports Association) that grants ZHdK students access to ASVZ facilities and services (see Students are charged the compulsory membership fee (CHF 25.00) automatically with their tuition fees. In addition to ASVZ offerings, ZHdK offers a lunchtime sports programme.


Students are advised to bring their personal laptop to classes. We recommend Apple devices, as these are used by most teaching staff. Exclusive Apple student software packages (Adobe MASTERCOLLECTION) are at a special discounted rate (CHF 100.00). The offer includes free ITZ support.