Interaction Design WikiStudent Handbook

Discovery Space

The IAD Discovery Space (4K.22.1), formerly called project room, is a space where projects and pieces from Interaction Design research, modules and project weeks are exhibited. It serves as gallery space and meeting point for guests who are interested in our work and is curated by the IAD team. Come around to have a look and contemplate. The Discovery Space can be also used for meetings, however the majority of the room is given to the exhibited projects.

For quiet work and writing, please use the library. For mentorings, please use the studio space. Take care of the space! Please, do not take down any objects and informations on the walls or books from the shelf without asking! Enjoy a break in the room, if you don’t disturb anybody else. Please clean the space in case you have food and drinks.

If something breaks or malfunctions please let Clemens (, Mirjam ( or Martin ( know.

Thank you and enjoy!