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Student Responsibilities

Student Atelier

Common space rules and practical items (4K.22)

The atelier is your space during your studies.  
We welcome student initiatives to improve this space every semester to foster a warm work environment, adapted to various needs. 

In the IAD Student Atelier you have a shared Island for the 1st year.
As a 2nd and 3rd year student you have personal desks and a mobile drawer cabinet for your personal belongings. (outdated since Corona)

From HS20, we work with floating tables. There are no personal working spaces anymore. All material needs to be stored in personal boxes as soon as students leave.

There is also a large community work table with electronics.
A social area with sofas is available, shared between IAD and Cast, including a ping-pong table in the terrasse.

In order for the concept to work and for everyone to be able to use the atelier at any time, we propose a clean desk policy and these following rules: 

These rules are not set in stone. We would like these rules to be seen as a starting point and develop the collaboration in the studio with you. 

Freecycling Area and Waste (4K.22)

Freecycling Area: This is an environment friendly notice: In the IAD Student Atelier you have a freecycling area next to the glass door entrance (next to IAD project room). If you have any reusable left-over material, please put it in this shelf, so that others can use it. Before buying new materials, please first have a look at the freecycling area if you can use left-over materials for free.

There is also a larger freecycling area in the school located in 1.E02, Entsorgung.

Waste: After each course, please take your prototypes, experiments and other material explorations with you, don`t store it in the IAD Student Atelier: because we don`t have enough space!!! Each semester, we organise a clear out session with all students: last day of Winter semester and before the beginning of the Diploma Exhibition in May/June. Please be mindful about your waste management/consumption, and continuously clear out your personal space, so that the Student Atelier stays clean and in a good working atmosphere.

Project room: Use of project room (4K.22.1)

The project room is used for exhibitions, staff meetings and as a collaborative work space. In general it is used in priority for the IAD team. If you want to exhibit your semester projects, you are more than welcome to contact Marcial Koch ( to curate and set up the work together with him.

Presence in class 

Presence in classes is required. In case of planned absence, you need to warn your teacher and be excused.

Lateness is not acceptable. Repeated lateness in class and absences will impact your final grade in that class. Late arrivals are often disruptive and thus this is a question of respect for the instructor as well as for the entire class.

Class Speaker Election Procedure

Two student representatives are elected for each class for one year (1st-2nd semesters, 3rd-4th semesters, 5th-6th semesters). Representatives are responsible for representing student interests toward the programme. The election mode is decided by the students and communicated to us. 

The department’s student association elects its delegates to various university bodies and is responsible for other organisational matters. ZHdK Student Council (“Verso”) is responsible for representing student interests, including self-management, towards the university. For details, see

Class speakers HS 2020/21:

1st semester3rd semester5th semester
Svenja Steurer JeneDaniela SpühlerDanuka Ana Tomas
Johannes Reck

Alec Nikolov

Andy Kirk

Student Support

Administrative matters can be discussed with Karin Luginbühl (, ie ECTS points, expenses, etc.

Organisation matters can be discussed with Marcial Koch (, ie student atelier, courses problems, student life questions, etc. Please contact Martin if you would like to send a circular mail to all members of the IAD team or all IAD students.

The BA Leitung, Jürgen Späth is available on appointment for discussion of any matter, confidentially, usually during office hours Thursdays 13.00-14.00 but other dates can be set-up.

If you take part in events, publish a paper or exhibit a piece, share your news with Martin Dusek ( We're happy to promote your news on our website and social media channels.

Student Advice

ZHdK’s Student Advice Centre offers useful assistance with a wide range of issues, including funding, accommodation, employment, living in Zurich, etc. for details, see

Semester Feedback

Contribution to Wiki

This Wiki is meant as the everyday tool for the IAD department. You can find here most of the information you need, especially regarding classes. If you have suggestions for the wiki, we welcome your feedback and we can implement changes when they makes sense. At this stage, we can't issue editing access to the wiki for students but don't hesitate to send us your ideas.

Data, Privacy and Online tools

IAD recommends to be vigilant about tools that you use to store, share and present your work. When possible consider open source, free software and non-proprietary tools. Many tools provided by companies that are 'free' such as Gmail, Google Docs and Dropbox use your data as currency: your private content can be mined and therefore spied upon for commercial purposes. Moreover, private companies can cease products or support for products and you can lose your data overnight (it's happened). They can also decide on what is appropriate for posting or not and you may have your content and yourself as a user banned from the platform altogether.

Promotion of work and IAD social media

If you take part in events, publish a paper or exhibit a piece, share your news with Martin Dusek ( We're happy to promote your news on our website and social media channels: join us on Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter.
We also keep in touch after studies with our alumni who are an important part of IAD, whether as guest lecturers, team members, job providers, or as a warm and supportive audience. Our LinkedIn group reflects on that community.

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