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Grasshopper Basics

First Steps in Grasshopper

Great introduction to Grasshopper: and

A complete overview of Grasshopper Components can be found here:

Exercise A:

Premise: design a definition to control height, top&bottom radius and wall thickness through sliders.

  1. set basepoint in rhino and connect to grasshopper
  2. create sliders for heith, top&bottom radius and wall thickness
  3. move (copy) the centerpoints for the all circles but the lower outer radius
  4. subtract the wallthickness for the inner circles
  5. create a loft (mind the order)
    loft type (O) set to "straigt"
  6. create the bottom inner and outer surface with "boundary surface"
  7. join all surfaces
  8. "bake"

Exercise B: Working with attractors

Premise: Control the diameter of circles by the proximity to an object

  1.  Create a "rectangular" grid
  2. control Size and Extend through sliders
  3. create circles on the intersection points (p)
  4. control the radius of the circles through the distance to a point set in rhino
    use a division or mapping to adjust the scale

Exercise C:

Use a mesh as input for generating a new form. 

  1. connect a mesh from rhino
  2. "deconstruct mesh"
  3. "deconstruct face"
  4. read out the edges through "list items"