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The CNC Mill Carvey can be used to manafacture PCBs, enclosures and other parts from various materials.

PCB Milling

To mill PCBs with Carvey you either draw the board using Eagle and generate GCode or draw the board using Illustrator and upload an SVG file. We will use the third party tool to PCB-GCode to generate GCode directly from Eagle.

GCode Generation

  1. Download the latest release from the website or directly from here. (or download from our fork with the settings for Carvey already
  2. Unpack the archive to your disk. 
  3. Add the directory to Eagle's ULP directory list.
  4. Execute the command "run pcb-gcode-setup".
  5. Select the "generic" profile.
  6. Change all settings to match the below pictures.
  7. Press "Accept and make my board".
  8. The generate gcode file should be located next to your project files.


  1. View the milling path with a GCode file viewer ( (copy and past the gcode into the code panel) 
  2. Offset the GCode file so the bottom right corner is at position 28x 28y  ( (1.10x 1.10y inch)
  3. Upload the GCode to Easel.
  4. Carve!