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Free Flow Retreat 2020

This year, the free flow takes us for a 2-day retreat to the Atelierhäuser am Waldrand.

The purpose for the 'free flow' is for mentors and students to spend time together in an alternative mode than the usual school setting.
In a different setting and with different tools, they discuss together interests and topics ranging from the upcoming thesis to life in general.
This is also a special exchange moment for bonding.

10. - 11. October 2019 - 09.00-17.00 both days
Plan arrival for 8.50 on Thursday.

Dinner on 10.10 from 18.00
No sleepover.

Atelierhäuser am Waldrand
Troll AG
Meisenrain 75
8044 Gockhausen Zürich

Transportation - Suggested Itinerary

From Zürich HB, platform 43/44 (main station)
To Meisenrain 75 (Atelierhäuser am Waldrand)

Zürich Hauptbahnhof nach Meisenrain 75 (Google Maps)

Thursday and Friday at 08:00, platform 43/44 (Zürich HB)*

08:16 Departure from Zürich HB  – by train S12 (direction Schauffhausen)
08:25 Arrival in Stettbach

08:29 Departure from Stettbach – by bus 751 (direction Zürich, Kirche Fluntern)
08:33 Arrival at Glockhausen, Ursprungstrasse

Walk 3 min (200m) till Meisenrain 75

*Please buy a valid ticket in advance and keep it (incl. receipt) so we can refund the costs. 



5th semester students (11)

Mentors (4)

Assistant (1)

TOTAL – 16 persons


Arrival: Coffee & Gipfeli, Intro from each person with one personal anecdote

10.00 - 12.00
Library exploration and sharing inspirations
Students and teachers present the 3 books & artefacts they brought, showing some inspiring excerpts, aesthetically or content-wise.


Hike/walk - 2 hours

Ideation - Wall of Sketches, guided by mentors

Flammenkuchen: Cooking together - bring toppings (vegetarian exclusive)
Hangout with wine and chatpack (card game)
Open Mic session - everybody makes a 3 minutes intervention, whether stand-up or monologue 

Arrival: Coffee & Gipfeli, Looking at wall of sketches again, thoughts from the day before

Performing and dancing ideas in and out of the location

Individual Writing moment: iterating on the positioning text from the previous theory class Monday


Discussions in pairs - students together and students with mentors


Recap & thoughts for next steps

17.00 Departure

Recap activities


(Possibly this might include also Films, Songs, Links, Videos, that refers to the topic)


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