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PushPullPowWow 2019

This exercise is about trying out elementary relationships between sound and movement / action with MuLab.

  1. Select an "elementary gesture" (pulling, pushing, hitting, throwing)
  2. Think about how this gesture might affect the sound.
    1. Action-Sound Relationship: Direct, indirect, no connection (e.g. echo, "response")?
    2. Meaning / Emotion: How does the sounding movement "feel"?
  3. Record your own sounds and import them to the TX16WX Sampler (
  4. Translate this sound gesture with instruments and filters of your choice
    1. Pitch, Filter, Amplification Modulations, LFOs
    2. Map the required parameters to Midi Control Events (sliders / knobs on the keyboard) and try them out with your partner!