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Civic Media Workshop

Civic Media and public engagement

Civic Media – technologies, designs and practices enabling civic engagement and public participation.

When? 19. – 22. Dez 2017, 9-12 h & 14-17 h (exact hours can still change)

With? Sabeth Tödtli (zURBS, Nextzürich, Pavilleon, Hidden Institute)

Language? A mix of English and German


Civic media is any form of technology, design or practice that empowers a community, enables civic communication and knowledge exchange, that increases civic engagement and public participation and strengthens citizen agency.

This workshop will give a short introduction to civic media, explore and analyse existing examples and give students the opportunity to experiment with their own ideas of civic media, by developing a new (or adapted) design and/or prototype, taking into consideration their personal environment and the potential social impact of their designs.


The workshop will include

* an introduction and reflections on civic engagement and participation

* an introduction to the term and concept of “Civic Media

* examples of civic different forms of Civic Media, including an input on the concept of smart cities

* collaborative defining of a set of criteria, questions etc.

* input on the dos and don’ts of participatory projects

* input on digital democracy, by Max Stern

* introduction to the local media project Tsü, by Simon Jacoby


During the 4 days, students will develop new ideas for civic media by designing, testing or putting in action a tool, technology, or an artistic or interactive practice which facilitates civic engagement and strengthens civic agency. Or by adapting an existing form of media for the same purpose.

(what and how and to what extent will be discussed at the beginning of the workshop)


Student requirements:

80% attendance, participation & engagement, practical exercises and individual project development and presentation.


Side notes:

>> Bring Laptop and/or Smartphone!

>> Questions will only be answered shortly before the workshop, as Sabeth will be offline until the 15th of December