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Mobile User Interface 2017


Topic: Guides in Art Museums & Vote on Art

Case: Exhibition „Gefeiert und verspottet. Französische Malerei 1820-1880“
10. November 2017 – 28. Januar 2018

Cooperation Partner: Kunsthaus Zürich (


Time Period

18th of September - 18th of October
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Florian Wille |
Daniel Demel |
Philipp Lehman |

Recommended Software

Visual Design

Mockup, Animations & Transitions

see a more comprehensive list of UI Prototyping tools


Week 1 (CW38) – Requirements Gathering & Design Concept

Introduction of the topic through our collaboration partner in a project kickoff meeting.
Getting to know the users, deepen the understanding of topic and gather requirements.
Form a concept present it in a short written UI concept and concept sketches. 

Deliverables Week 1 (25.09.2017 / 17:00)

Present your concept ideas in a short essay (approx. 1000 characters). Describe how you plan to implement the project briefing, define your personal project goal and document your initial thoughts on the process flow with wireframes, describing the user journeys and highlighting the key features. Attach your findings to your Frontify 'Concept' page.

Week 2 (CW39) – Wireframing & Testing 

The second week to turn your written UI concept into wireframes. These are the basis for a low-fi click dummy you use to test you application with potential users.

Deliverables Week 2 (2.10.2017 / 17:00)

Create a low-fi prototype from your formulated questions for a formative usability evaluation and do a guerrilla usability testing with at least 3 candidates. Upload a screencapture of the prototype, the scenarios and findings of your testing to your Frontify 'Prototype & Testing' section.

Week 3 (CW40) – Development of Design Language & Microinteractions

Having ensured that the rough UI of your app is understandable to users, you turn to design the look&feel of your application. You use two key views to design two (or more) design proposals. In coordination with your mentor (latest 10.10.2017 / 17:00) you decide on one design proposal to be implemented.
Use quick prototyping tools (like principle, framer, craft, …) to demonstrate your keyfeatures and microinteractions.

Deliverables Week 3 (10.10.2017 / 17:00)

Create two proposals for a look and feel demonstrated on key views of your project. Create a mockup demonstrating the key features and micro-interactions. Upload your material to your Frontify styleguide.

Week 4 (CW41) – Application of Designlanguage & Microinteractions

Brown Bag Review

Deliverables Week 4 = Final Deliverables (18.10.2017)

Week 5 (CW42) – Design Documentation & Communication


Final deliverables

Complete your high-fidelity prototype to reflect your complete user journey. Document your design decisions in the styleguide and prepare a project presentation and of course make it accessible on Frontify.