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Prototyping Methods

What is a "Wizard-of-Oz" Mockup / Prototype?

In Wizard-of-oz Mockup, sounds are created live using a microphone, or with the help of electro-acoustic sound generators, using objects, your voice and body sounds, and rendered "acousmatically" (without a visible source). This happens synchronously to  the interaction, just as Foley is synced to film. This creates a near-perfect illusion of interactive sound design without it having to be functionally implemented.

Especially in the early stages of the project, this allows maximum flexibility and open-mindedness. Thus, the first sound design ideas can be tested and adapted live, from a "sonic concept sketch" to a full-blown function demonstration.

Specifically, you will be using MuLab as a host for multisampler arrangements in real-time to interact with your application. Midi keyboards are used as real-time controllers. "Wizards" create and control sounds hidden behind a curtain or similar and one or more people perform the interaction. It should also be possible for someone in the audience to try out the artifact / interaction.

Process of a Mockup Demonstration

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